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Why Should I Opt For A Custom Wardrobe?

Whether you have the space for a luxurious walk in wardrobe or you only have room for an attractive built in one, we definitely recommend choosing bespoke cabinetry rather than purchasing a ready-made option. Designed specifically to your needs and personal taste, there truly is no comparison between the two – in fact, we’ve prepared this guide to outline the wide variety of reasons why custom wardrobes are the ideal choice for any build.

So, why should you choose these robes for your home?

Designed to suit your needs
Whilst this is probably the most obvious benefit of a custom cabinets design, it cannot be overlooked that these wardrobes are designed with your clothing, shoes and accessories in mind. You can ensure that every garment you own has a rightful place that is easily accessible – be it via additional shelving, hanging space, trouser racks or even partitioned belt, tie or jewellery drawers.

Make efficient use of space
A good custom wardrobe designer can carve exceptional storage space seemingly out of thin air! Nooks and crannies of all shapes and sizes will be put to use as functional storage space. The robe itself may not look big on the outside, but inside it holds a veritable smorgasbord of options.

Add value to your property
Did you know that a custom wardrobes can increase the value of your home? Whilst this may not be a factor you consider if you aren’t planning a move in the near future, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.Potential buyers are often on the lookout for storage space – and that it can make or break their decision.

Complement your décor
In a custom design, you are given complete freedom with the style, colour, finishes and materials used in the construction. This will ensure that your structure complements the existing décor of your bedroom and the character of your home. There is nothing worse than a robe that sticks out like a sore thumb. Our architects and interior designers work closely with you to ensure the finished project is the perfect addition to your space.

Quality, enduring structure
When choosing a custom wardrobe, you can rest assured that the robe will be constructed using high quality materials, such as moisture resistant substrates and environmentally conscious sustainable choices, that will stand the test of time.Unfortunately, for many pre-made options, sub-par materials are used in order to keep costs low – but that isn’t the case at Spaceworks Design.

If you are contemplating a ready made or custom wardrobe, we hope that the above points help you reach the best possible decision for your home. When you choose bespoke cabinetry, you can rest assured that your wardrobe will be a stunning architectural feature that will serve you well into the future.

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