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Simple Tips For Designing A Master Bedroom Wardrobe Storage Cabinet

The wardrobe in your master bedroom is almost always going to be larger than the robes in any other room. This provides you with ample creative and storage opportunities, ensuring that the space is perfectly designed to store your clothing, accessories and other knickknacks. Creating a wardrobe storage cabinet design often involves making proper use of shelf space and empty storage space.


Closet Rooms

Every fashionista’s dream, a closet room enables you to walk inside and be literally surrounded by all your clothes and accessories. They’re the perfect, spacious solution for storing and organising all your possessions. From proper rooms to half-hidden corners, there are endless possibilities for creating one of these spaces in your home.

There are three main wardrobe storage cabinet shapes from which to choose – U-shape (which occupy three walls), L-shape (which occupy two walls) and straight (which occupies only one wall).


Reach-In Closets

If you don’t have the space for an entire room, a smaller reach-in wardrobe is the perfect solution. Leave the space open if you think you can keep your possessions tidy or include some doors if you’re worried about clutter. Even if the space is small and your clothing collection is large, the clever use of drawers, poles and shelves can ensure that there is a place for everything.


Hidden Closets

With homes and bedrooms constantly getting smaller, sometimes the usual wardrobe solutions simply aren’t going to work. This has led to an increase in the popularity of hidden closets, which are ‘hidden’ behind doors and panels or take advantage of height rather than width. As small as they are, hidden robes are still practical – they contain a number of separate sections and drawers.


Defining your Style

It’s recommended that you don’t stray from the style that has already been employed in the master bedroom – stick to the same colour palette, furnishings and accessories. This will create a sense of harmony and will make the wardrobe look like a complementary part of the bedroom. Just remember to keep it simple, as too much clutter can ruin the space.


Let there be Light

Effectively transforming your wardrobe storage cabinet is simply not possible without proper lighting. Keep in mind that the robe is usually positioned across from the windows, which means that they don’t always have access to natural light. Add some strong lights to the ceiling or walls to illuminate your clothing better, helping you to find what you’re looking for and match items more easily.


Play with Colour

Many people overlook the colour of their wardrobes, as it’s not a place where you spend a lot of time. Still, ‘attaching’ it to the master bedroom can help it fit seamlessly into the space and make the whole experience of dressing more pleasant. Use similar tones to those used in the bedroom, but don’t be afraid to introduce some brave elements (such as red into a black and white palette).


At the end of the day, creating a wardrobe storage cabinet for the master bedroom can be a daunting task – you want the space to look amazing, as well as provide ample storage for all your possessions. Get in touch with a professional team, and you can rest assured you’ll quickly have the storage space of your dreams!