How modular furniture can benefit many rooms of the home

Over the years, modular furniture has been growing in popularity for offices and other workplaces – but did you know that it can be just as useful around the home? It actually offers us a number of benefits, including: utility, convenience, waste reduction, compactness and even originality. This sort of furniture can be put to use in almost every room of the home.


Let’s face it – we can never have enough storage in the bedroom. From shoes and accessories through to every type of clothing known to man, there are a lot of items that need to be stored neatly. A modular wardrobe is the ideal solution, as you can customise the storage options to meet your specific needs (from hanging space to shelves to drawers).

Lounge Room

For many families, the lounge room is home to the television, DVD player and games console – plus all of the accessories and components that go along with them. This could be a recipe for clutter, but a modular entertainment unit can help you to keep everything organised. You can even arrange cords so that they’re not seen.

Home Office

With an increasing number of people choosing to work from home, it makes sense that the design of our home offices is becoming more important. Modular cabinetry and shelving can help to ensure that you have a dedicated workspace. Whether you just need storage or you want an inbuilt desk, we can provide the solution.

Rumpus Room

These rooms are used for a variety of purposes – they can form a second living room (complete with a second television), a games room (with a pool or table tennis table) or even just a multipurpose space. Modular media units, cabinets and shelving can help you to keep this room organised and looking its very best.

Entry Foyer

There are a variety of other spaces around our homes that could also do with some extra storage, from the entry foyer to those little nooks in the hallway. Modular furniture is the perfect choice for these spaces, as it allows you to customise the piece according to your needs – would you prefer open shelving, enclosed cupboards or both?

As you can see, modular furniture can be part of your future. As our homes seem to be getting smaller, modular furniture should be considered amongst a broad range of options when selecting furniture for each of our rooms. Should you move homes, you can also take your modular furniture with you, extending the return on your investment.